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   Neighbourhood Plan successfully complete Examination    21 October, 2019

Good news! 

The Arborfield and Barkham Neighbourhood Plan has taken a huge step forward as it has successfully come through the examination process. The Examiner has reviewed the documents and, subject to some modifications recommended, the Plan meets the basic conditions and may proceed to referendum. In her report, the Examiner complimented the local community volunteers and Parish Councils, for producing a nicely presented Plan, tailored well to their planning requirements.


Some very useful principles have been established:

a) Settlement separation

b) Outstanding views have to be taken into account (with the Examiner’s definition included)

c) Public Open Spaces recognised and should be retained for this purpose. Pound Copse found its way into the Plan in this category.

d) Locally valued natural and heritage assets

e) The need to minimise additional traffic on unsuitable roads is recognised.

A major challenge has been to ensure compliance with national and local plans. The Steering Group sought to push the boundaries as far as possible: in the end, the modifications required by the Examiner were not as extensive as feared. The main consequences have been some loosening of proposals to preserve landscape views and a proposed formula for the provision of open space in conjunction with any new development was not accepted.

Next Steps

The NP has to go to the WBC Executive to accept the modifications and to proceed to referendum. This meeting is scheduled for 28 November.

Assuming a positive decision by the WBC Executive, the referendum should then be able to take place in the New Year. Late January is seen as the earliest possible time given the statutory notice period required.

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