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   Oakwood Planning Application School Road    27 September, 2017

There are a number of reasons for objecting to this planning application (some of which are listed below) and we urge residents to comment to WBC  on the issues which are of concern to them. Comments should be sent to Mark Croucher, the WBC Planning Officer (details on the WBC website together with more details of the application) no later than 13 October.


This lies within attractive open countryside and forms part of a green wedge. 70 properties on this site will result in an urbanising encroachment and have a detrimental impact on the character and appearance of the surrounding area.

The site lies outside the settlement area and pursuant to Core Policy 11 of the current Core Strategy, development outside these limits will not normally be permitted.

There are well known drainage issues on the site and the area is prone to flooding and we understand there have been flooding problems on adjacent properties.

School Road is not a suitable access. Its a busy road which is narrow in places and already has various traffic calming features due to the Coombes School.

The junction with Langley Common Road is also unsatisfactory with a blind turning towards the west when leaving School Road.

School Road has a Primary School. The flow of traffic is hindered by cars parking well down the hill from the School and this adds to the hazards and congestion experienced in the area.

The site is close to the Coombes Woodland, which is designated as a Local Wildlife Site and a Local Geological Site and is therefore in close proximity of protected species.

The road is often used by horse riders accessing The Coombes and adjacent byways.

This application would erode the separation of settlements. With other potential planning sites in that area, we fear that if this application is successful, there is a threat that the whole of the triangle between School Road and Langley Common Road (and land to the north) will soon be developed, with the result that there will be development most of the way from Barkham to Arborfield.

Wokingham has an ample 5 year land supply for development in other more sustainable areas.

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